Thursday, August 17, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 48

I thought these old slides were really interesting. They looked to be religious in nature—lots of buildings of churches.

I thought this round cutting board was awesome. Okay, I just like the packaging…but you can’t use the cutting board with the packaging still on it.

Cute Kellogg’s breakfast bowl. It looks more retro than it really is—it’s from 1995.

A Suzy Homemaker oven.

A Polaroid bag—cute but in poor condition.

And a wooden box with leather straps. This I considered buying. I love wood and I love boxes, and here it is—all in one! But I resisted…good for me! [Pat on back.]

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thrifted for $5.98

For $5.48, I got a few items. First up, this H&M black and white top. I actually recall seeing this top in the store and thinking that the pattern was interesting. But of course didn’t buy it because buying full-price for clothing is something I rarely do. It does need some mending; the button for the back closure is missing, and thread on one of the sleeves has come undone, but these are pretty easy fixes. I think the top might be a little large (but it’s hard to tell until I fix the button so I can close the neckline properly).

Next up, this Banana Republic green top. Truthfully, I’m not terribly excited about wearing the color green. But the top fit me and I thought it would work well with some skirts I have, so I decided to get it.

I also got two pieces of fabric. The navy is about a yard. The floral fabric…I didn’t try to count. It’s a lot—probably a bolt’s worth.

I also got two patterns for 25 cents a piece. I’ve been trying to cut down on buying sewing patterns (as I have too many), but I really liked these two. The first is this simple dress from 1972 that I thought would be easy to make.

The second pattern is a dress from the 1971 that I really like the cut of. I love the collar and the buttons down the front. Admittedly, this looks too complicated for me to make, but maybe one day…

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 47

I liked these two prints by Margo Alexander. They were framed (and rather banged up), but the art was really pretty. Very 1950s. I liked the colors and the brush strokes.

A couple of Kentucky Tavern ads.

I like that this ad has this line at the bottom: There’s only one better buy in bonds…savings bonds!

An Old Dutch Cleanser ad from The Ladies’ Home Journal from 1924.

And a Pepsi ad from the 1950s. On your wedding day, choose Pepsi over champagne. Okay, the ad doesn’t say that, but it does want you to have a “light” refreshment with fewer calories. [Pause.] It’s my opinion that counting calories is the last people want to be doing at a wedding.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 46

I love this 1950s dress. It would take a lot of fabric to make this dress—the skirt has a lot of pleats in it.

This 1950s dress is pretty cute.

I liked the full skirt on this 1950s skirt pattern.

These 1960s tops are nice and simple.

And I liked these 1960s tops as well.

Finally, this 1960s top, skirt and jacket are quite nice.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Bright Geometric Pullover Dress

I’ve made this pullover dress before—it was an easy dress to make and had wanted to make another one for quite some time. I finally got around to it. Since the pattern is so simple, I thought a more interesting fabric would be nice to use. For the bodice, I decided on using a bright geometric fabric that I got at a thrift store. For me, a little pattern goes a long way, so I picked a plain black crepe fabric I had in my fabric stash for the skirt portion to balance things out.

I didn’t run into any problems sewing the dress. But I’ll admit that I was too lazy to fix the seams where the pattern doesn’t meet itself properly. It was my intention to do it right, but I wasn’t paying too much attention when I was pinning the fabric together and sewing it. I realized my mistake after the fact, and truthfully didn’t care that much. I mean, how often are people looking at your side seams?

The one improvement I made was that I added pockets this time. The pattern doesn’t have pockets, so I took a pocket pattern piece from another dress and just added it in. It didn’t take too much extra time to do and was totally worth it.

Overall, I’m satisfied with the dress. I like the pop of color and interest the pattern brings—which is pretty vibrant in comparison to most of the clothes I wear. I also like the dress when I use a sash that I made some time ago (and is the same black crepe fabric as the skirt).