Thursday, June 21, 2018

Thrifted for $4.50

I love this red, black and blue striped skirt. It’s awesome—it has an elastic waistband and is very comfortable. And it has pockets.

These navy pants scream little old lady. I bought them thinking I might be able to alter them.

Men’s Star Wars shirt that I won’t wear out in the world. But fine as a pajama shirt.

And measuring cups I got an estate sale for $1. There’s no one cup size, which is unfortunate, but it has all the other sizes so I thought it was worth it.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Things I Didn’t Buy 74

I really liked this old sci-fi book—two books in one. Each side of the book was a cover for a different story. I just love the art on these covers. The first side: The Light of Lilith.

The second side: The Sun Saboteurs.

Next was the book: The Joy of Nothing.

It’s really just an empty notebook.

Really nice design on this Good Housekeeping Cook Book.

I liked this Building America book cover.

This home appliance book cover is so simple and bold.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Things I Didn’t Buy 73

I liked this painted picture that has a Russian feel to it. I love the colors, design and how intricate it is.

These two 1970s 3D pictures are pretty awesome.

And I liked this cute mirror. 

Finally, the Montgomery Ward scale was cool.

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Estate Sale Fabric

I got a whole bunch of fabric at an estate sale. Since I got most of it for my mom, I won’t disclose the amount, but it was much cheaper than buying new. I got 23 different fabrics for my mom.

And I kept four fabrics for myself.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Thrifted for $7

I got these Corelle dishes—5 bowls, 8 small plates, 5 medium plates and 6 large plates for $5. Very 1970s design.

I also got this cool spatula and salt and pepper shakers for $1.

And I got four cds for $1. Disney’s Beauty and the Beast soundtrack and The Bravery were two cds I knew I would like, so I was quite happy to buy both of them.

I was disappointed in the Movie Hits cd. I got it mainly because of “Everything I Do, I Do it for You,” because I remember liking that song. But when I listened to it again, I didn’t like it as much.

This is My Song set of cds had three cds in it (and missing the one disc) that were older songs—I think all before 1970. There were a lot of songs I didn’t know, but some I did know and like. So there were some happy surprises in there.