Thursday, October 20, 2016

Things I Didn’t Buy 26

I thought this The Elephant Book was adorable.

And this Time Book was cute.

I liked this New Educational Music Course Second Reader book.

I also liked the simple covers of these The Musician books.

Finally, I thought this The Sound of Music record cover was nice.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

1956 Sears Catalog: Set 1

I was at a thrift store and couldn’t help but buy this Sears catalog from spring and summer of 1956. It was $4, and I love looking at all the vintage clothing.

I like the fun prints they often use on the skirts.

The cover of the catalog isn’t much to look at, but I suppose it’s informative.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Things I Didn’t Buy 25

Here are some kitchen related items that I thought were interesting. I didn’t need these ping pong bowls…at all. I just thought they were highly amusing.

Next up, I thought about getting this recipe box. I love the art on it (although it annoyingly didn’t quite close properly).

I liked the animal art on this pressure cooker.

I thought this Scout-O-Rama mug was cute.

And this Columbia Pacific Council mug was nice as well.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Sewing Patterns for $1.50

I love this loungewear pattern that looks to be from the 1930s. It’s so cute. I can totally see Katharine Hepburn wearing something like this. I bought it for 50 cents.

I got this next pattern for 25 cents. I only got it because I like the layered skirt. I once had a skirt like this (that I loved), but I eventually had to donate it to a thrift store because it didn’t fit me any more (so sad).

Next, I got this jumper/dress pattern for 25 cents. It’s not unlike a sleeveless dress pattern I already have, but I like the sleeves it has in version D.

And finally, I really like this dress pattern that looks to be from the 1970s. I love the buttons down the front and the gathered sleeves. And the dress looks cute in both the one and two color versions of it. I got it for 50 cents.