Saturday, December 28, 2013

Word of the Day Exercise: Week Four

This past week my timing seemed off because of Christmas and I felt a bit discombobulated, but I managed to finish drawing my word each day. I’m nearing the end of my month-long exercise of drawing the Word of the Day, and a part of me is sad and a part of me is relieved. Only three more days to go…

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Label Me

I keep more stuff than I ought to because I often see an item’s “potential”. I generally look at something and think, “I can use this in some way…someday” [although, to be honest I usually don’t get around to using those items any time soon and they just sit around waiting to be used. (Sigh.)] But I finally got around to using some spice jars that had been accumulating.

There are basically two ways to buy spices: in prepackaged bottles or in bulk. I have bought prepackaged spice jars, in part because of the options available in a store and in part because of convenience. There are plastic bottles and glass ones, and while I’ve bought both in the past, I like the glass ones and tend to keep them. Since I’ve accumulated some glass jars, I now feel more apt to get spices from the bulk section of a supermarket that I can refill my jars with.

So I washed my old spice jars out and removed the labels. Then I used a piece of black linen tape as my base (to create a border) and placed a white piece of artist tape (with the name already written on it) on top of it. I think I should be able to remove the white tape if I need to re-label the jar (or at the very least I could just put another piece of tape on top of it).

Besides using empty spice jars for spices, they’re good for holding other small items, like paper clips, tacks and beads—pretty much anything small or sharp that you want to keep a lid on.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Word of the Day Exercise: Week Three

Another week of my Word of the Day exercise is finished. My resolve to draw each word each day has remained steady for 21 days straight. I did make one edit after the fact because I’d made an error. (It was only a matter of time before I caught a mistake, and perhaps there are others, but I saw this one before I posted it so I changed it). I’m not sure why, but I’d spelled “midriff” with two d’s (which isn’t right), so I fixed it.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Satin Trimmed Dress

I had this dress pattern I thought I could simplify by making less pieces and using bias tape to finish edges.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Word of the Day Exercise: Week Two

I have more of a rhythm now for drawing the Word of the Day. I like to look at what the Word of the Day is shortly after I wake up and let it sink in. Although sometimes an idea instantly pops into my head, other times I’m a bit perplexed of what I should do and so I like to give myself some time for my subconscious to come up with an answer. Then during my lunch break or later in the evening I’ll draw the word for that day.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

I’m Not a Polar Bear

Usually our winters in the Pacific Northwest are fairly mild…it gets cold but not this cold. Lately we’ve been having very cold weather (although we’re not alone in these Arctic-like conditions that have been happening across the U.S.). I don’t enjoy these frigid days where the high temperature may reach a balmy 32 degrees. The weather does not create much motivation for me to step outside; I just want to stay indoors and stay warm and hibernate.

But I keep telling myself that it’s fine. It’s fine if it’s cold as long as it’s not snowy and icy out—that’s my only wish because snow and ice just makes everything so difficult. Last Friday it snowed a bit and suddenly it was like I was in the middle of some disaster movie. Driving to work was like being in the middle of the grand exodus out of the city where the highways are like unending parking lots…it was torturous.

All it takes is just a smattering of snow to create havoc. So all I want is no snow so there’s no havoc. Or if it does snow, could it possibly happen on the weekend so I don’t have to commute in it? So I don’t have to crawl in traffic at a snail’s speed and I don’t have the anxiety of driving in snow. [Pause.] That would be great.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Word of the Day Exercise: Week One

So far I’ve been successful with my exercise of drawing the Word of the Day each day (with a one-hour time limit). I haven’t cheated (and done two words in a day) and I haven’t had any resentful feelings like I have to draw the latest Word of the Day. I actually like it; I look forward to seeing what the new Word of the Day is each day. Sometimes I instantly have an idea of what I want to draw and other times it is more of a struggle…but I always finish.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

It Almost Fits…

Recently I went thrift shopping and I did something dumb: I bought something that was too small for me. I’d never done it before but I couldn’t resist; it wasn’t like they had it in another size. It was that size or nothing (and I didn’t want nothing).

The item in question was a pair of wool culottes…and it took me by surprise; because it looked like a skirt and it was in the skirt section, but when I tried them on I realized they were pants. Generally I’m not very interested in culottes (in fact, I don’t think I’ve even owned a pair…ever), but for whatever reason, these particular ones spoke to me.

My first impression of the culottes was that of a vintage German military uniform; I think it was the little brass buttons and the decorative detail in the front that felt a bit militaristic to me. I could tell right away that it was a well-made garment (it’s made by the Austrian brand Geiger). The fabric’s a combination of wool and lambswool that at first I thought was blue, but later in different light I realized it was purple (although either way I liked the color). I also loved the pleating and the fact it had pockets (pockets are always difficult for me to resist).

So I was incredibly disappointed when these culottes didn’t fit me. I put them aside to try on other clothing items, but then when I finished, I went back to the culottes and tried them on again [as if they would magically fit me (Sigh.)]. They almost fit; so then I went into “can I alter them to fit me” thoughts, and although it would be a pain, maybe, just maybe I could change the seam allowance to fit me. I wasn’t sure if it was a thought of folly or if I would actually follow through…but I bought them anyway. [Pause.] So far it’s been folly since I haven’t made any attempt to alter them. [Sigh.]