Saturday, February 22, 2014

Word of the Day Exercise: Week Eleven

So this is last week’s set of words, since I’d forgotten my sketchbook at work last week, which meant my schedule for photographing was off. Of course after that I was somewhat paranoid about forgetting my sketchbook (and of course remembered to take it home this week).

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Blue Overdress

I picked up this Harve Benard garment at a thrift shop a while back. It was in the dress section, but I think it may actually be a jacket that’s meant to be worn over pants. There’s a very tall vent in the back that if you did not wear pants underneath, would create a very embarrassing moment if you moved…at all.

I wanted to wear this garment as a dress, so I’ll just call it a dress. I’m guessing it’s got some years on it because it was made in Russia (and I don’t think I recall, if ever, seeing a garment made in Russia).

Although it was a bit large on me, I bought it anyway because I assumed I could take it in to fit me better. If I was more patient and better at sewing, I would have ripped up the sides seams and taken in the sides properly for both the fabric and the lining. But this would have been a pain to do because the garment is made so well that the lining is sewn to the fabric at all sides (even the bottom). In addition, the armholes would need to be made deeper because of the amount of fabric taken in (which would mean additional sewing).

So I did it the lazy-man’s way and just sewed all the fabric layers together from under the arm to the waist to take it in a bit. And the armholes, well, I just had to end my seam an inch before I hit the armholes so my arms would have enough room to move. It’s not pretty…and I know it. But I don’t think most people will be looking so closely at my poor seams.

I really like the simple clean lines of this dress; the buttons that go down the front of the dress are covered, except the top one. And I like the color, navy (which tends to be my go-to color besides black). Because this dress still has an incredibly high vent in the back and the buttons end rather high on the front, my plan is for it to be an overdress. It will always be worn on top of another dress or skirt, so there will be a flash of color from whatever I wear underneath. I think it’s a pretty cute garment.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oops! of the Week

Well, it seemed inevitable that I would at some point forget my notebook with all my Word of Day drawings at work, so I’ll have to wait to photograph and post this week’s words later on. I’ll use a separate notebook to draw today and tomorrow’s words in, since I will continue to draw each word each day. I was just hoping to keep my notebook seamlessly continuous with my Word of the Day entries…well, that didn’t happen. Oh well. [Sigh.]

So instead I’ll share my “Oops! of the Week” (more so than forgetting my notebook) that happened when I picked up lunch this week. Generally I bring my lunch to work for the same reasons that most people do: it’s cheaper, faster and easier than going out and buying lunch. But sometimes I don’t have time to cook or feel like treating myself to sometime tasty (that I can’t make) and will buy something nearby.

So I decided on picking up some Indian food from a food cart. And stupidly, as I was walking back to the office, I leaned the food container against my khaki-colored coat and got a curry yellow line across the front of it. Immediately I thought, “Well, that’ll stain. Guess I won’t be wearing this coat anymore.” I was pretty irritated with myself for doing something so dumb. It was a coat I liked and wore often, but it wasn’t a coat I was in love with—it was more of a useful coat. I’d had it for a couple of years and it hadn’t been expensive, so while I’m disappointed that I ruined it, I didn’t feel as bad about it as I could have. [Pause.] Guess I’ll have an excuse to get a new khaki-colored coat.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow’s Deceit

Every time I see snow start to fall it’s like the beginning of a horror movie. In the beginning things seem pleasant enough as the snow falls softly from the sky, leaving a beautiful blanket of snow on the ground. Everything looks pristine and fresh and there’s a quietness that seems to wrap the world. And in such a picturesque place, what could possibly go wrong?

And then things get bad. [Cue ominous music.] The snow just won’t go away. It mounts. And suddenly, it’s not so pretty any more but has a dangerous undertone. It creates havoc. Disrupting work. Creating treacherous driving conditions. Trapping you indoors. Daring you to brave its cold and icy conditions. It’s no fun at all.

So I’m always happy to see snow go. I was irritated when snow started falling last Thursday (and stayed for long tortuous days), but I revel in the rain that has washed all that troublesome snow away. [Pause.] I have never loved rain more.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Word of the Day Exercise: Week Ten

I had a moment of panic while I was falling asleep one night, thinking: “Did I do my Word of the Day today?" It took me a few moments before I could remember, that yes, yes I had (and I felt relief wash over me and I could then go to sleep without worry). Because I’ve been really good about doing each word the day of, and have never cheated and drawn the word on a later date, and I hadn’t wanted to break that rule.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Unexpected Distaste

Most of us have at least a few go-to meals to make when we’re lazy and don’t feel like cooking. Pasta with marinara sauce has been one of those staple meals for me over the years. I’ve always kept a jar of marinara sauce from the supermarket around for those times I want a fairly quick and effortless meal. It’s been the same brand of sauce for years, but not long ago I took a bite of my pasta with a good douse of marinara sauce and thought, “Wow, this is sweet. I don’t think I like this anymore.”

My taste buds did a 180 that created a bit of havoc for my go-to meal. It just took me by surprise, as just a few days prior I was eating this marinara normally with no qualms. And then BAM! My taste buds no longer appreciated this marinara sauce that had served me so well for years. [Sigh.]

My solution was to just make my own sauce (which turned out fine), but a part of me is somewhat disappointed that I just can’t grab my old instant supermarket marinara sauce and eat it with the same satisfaction that I used to have. I suppose if I really cared about having an instant sauce on hand, I could taste test various brands of prepared marinara sauces to find one that I like. But that sounds like a lot of work (and probably tasting a lot of not-so tasty sauces). And even if I found one that I liked, my taste buds could change again and then I’d be right back to where I started. So in the long run it’s probably better just to make my own sauce that I can adjust as my taste buds adjust (and make enough to freeze so that it’s “instant” when I want it).

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Word of the Day Exercise: Week Nine

I’ve been hanging in there continuing doing my Word of the Day exercise, although my motivation has somewhat waned. My goal (if I don’t get lazy) is to finish this notebook up with my Word of the Day drawings. My notebook has 100 pages, and thus far I’ve drawn a total of 63 words.