Sunday, November 29, 2015

Vintage Binder Accessories

I don’t crochet or embroider, but I can appreciate the time and effort it takes to create these intricate items. From the vintage binder I bought, here are some bags and hats that I thought were interesting (but would never need or wear). This backpack is so 1970s.

And these little purses are cute.

I like the big tassel on this crochet hat.

And these are nice airy designs for the hair net and purse.

Finally, I’m not really a fan of the little hat, but I like the bag.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Vintage Binder Articles

I was at a thrift store and stumbled upon this awesome vintage binder; I love the design on the cover. I like the colors, the geometric shapes, the fonts—everything is just so retro. I bought it for $2.

It’s a huge binder and filled with selected magazine articles; it’s someone’s collection of things they thought worth keeping over the years. There are some recipes, but it’s mostly craft articles: crochet, sewing and DIY gifts. It’s rather interesting to see the range of articles that are mostly from the 1960s and 1970s.

Here are some of the articles that caught my eye. I thought these play boxes were interesting.

I like these crochet white pillows. They have lovely elaborate patterns, but are still very simple being white on white.

These pillow dolls are amusing.

And I liked this article of how to stretch your fashion dollars by buying quality clothes you can mend and alter.

Finally, the cover of Woman’s Day that shows hairstyles from 1966.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Things I Didn’t Buy 4

I love books. And I love vintage books. But I don’t always have a need for them or a place for them. So here are some books that caught my eye but I restrained myself from buying. First up, I really liked the cover of this cookbook—super cute.

Another adorable cookbook.

I liked the cover, but thought that the information inside could be quite dated.

Cute sewing book.

Another book cover that I thought was interesting.

I liked the simple use of color for this cover.

The front and back cover of this children’s workbook had great drawings, but I didn’t need it.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

$10 at Estate Sales

I went to two estate sales and picked up a few things. At the first estate sale, I bought this little wooden shelving unit for $8. I thought it was cute and could be useful. My initial thought was using it for sewing notions.

I also picked up this box of pencil lead for $1. I don’t go through pencil lead very quickly, so this will probably last a lifetime.

At the second estate sale, I got three items for a total of $1. I got a soap dish that I thought could be useful.

I got this simple dress with an elastic waistband (not unlike dresses I’ve sewn myself). I like the black, white and red coloring, and I really like the pattern on the skirt fabric. The only negative I have about it is that it’s a little voluminous in the bodice (but I think I’m too lazy to change it). It will be a nice lightweight summer dress (that I’ll have to wait to wear until next year). I think it looks a bit better when a belt covers up the transition from top to skirt.

I left behind the horrible jacket that went with the dress. It was one of those open jackets (with no closures) that hang straight down and is about thigh length. It was mostly made from the pattern fabric, and had a pocket square. It was really ugly, so I didn’t take it with me.

Finally I got this purple robe. Truthfully, I’ve never been much of a robe person, but this robe fit and was comfortable, and since it cost practically nothing, I bought it. I’ve been quite satisfied with it. Now that the weather’s getting cooler, it’s nice to have a cozy robe.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

$7 at an Estate Sale

I enjoy cooking, but admittedly, I find most of my recipes online because it’s easy and there’s such a wide range of recipes available. However, books can carry a lot of recipes and it’s great to peruse them and find something unexpected.

I bought a recipe book set: Prudence Penny: Binding of the American Woman’s Cook Book and The Prudence Penny Regional Cook Book for at total of $4. They’re from 1958. These books don’t have the cute retro illustrations that some of my other vintage cookbooks have, but there’s a lot of interesting information and recipes in them.

Prudence Penny: Binding of the American Woman’s Cook Book has 856 pages of content. It has a large introduction section that covers a wide range of information: freezing food, cooking times for meats and produce, rendering fat, how to buy food, meal planning and table settings. An extra tidbit I liked was a list of recipes to use of when you have an extra egg white or yolk (which is so smart because then you don’t waste anything).

Many recipes look pretty good and may be similar to other recipes I already use. And then there are the recipes that I question, like the peanut butter and pickle sandwich or the peanut butter and onion sandwich. I haven’t eaten either, but they don’t sound very appetizing…

The Prudence Penny Regional Cook Book is interesting because it breaks the recipes into ten American regions: New England, Southern, Pennsylvania Dutch, Creole, Michigan Dutch, Mississippi Valley, Wisconsin Dutch, Minnesota Scandinavian, Southwestern and Western.

Each region has an introduction about the region and influences on people’s cooking. There are a lot of recipes in this book that I’m unfamiliar with, probably due to a strong European background.

And finally, although I’m not really a paisley person, I bought this red scarf for $3. I liked that the pattern was muted and I think it’ll add a nice pop of color (since most of my wardrobe is white, black and navy).

Monday, November 2, 2015

Simple Purple Blouse

A while back I got this vintage blouse pattern that looked simple to make. Since this blouse has seams down the front and back (and therefore didn’t require a wide piece of fabric), I thought a narrow piece of purple fabric that I bought at a thrift store would work perfectly.

After measuring the pattern, I thought it would fit me as-is and thus left it unaltered. I sewed it sporadically over a couple of weekends and didn’t run into any problems.

My favorite part of this blouse is the color. However, the fit of the blouse isn’t quite what I would like. I find it a bit loose in the bodice (I didn’t put the darts in because I thought it would be too tight…maybe that was a mistake). But the biggest issue I have is that the sleeves feel tight. Looking at the pattern drawing, the sleeves do seem to be more form fitting, but I don’t like it. It feels a bit constraining. So if I use this pattern again, I’ll have to make some changes.