Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thrifted for $20

I picked up more things at thrift shops for $20. First up, I bought this white Banana Republic sweater for $8.

Next I got a jean skirt for $3.50. I’d been wanting a jean skirt for a while, so I was glad to finally find one.

I also got this deep purple pashmina for $5. I didn’t need it but I really liked the color.

A few months ago, I was at an estate sale and considered getting a ricer for $4. I decided against it because I thought I could get it for a better price. And I did! I was at a thrift store and got this ricer and this bowl for $3.50—that made me feel quite satisfied.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Things I Didn’t Buy 14

This call box is awesome. Absolutely no need for it, but it’s so cool.

I thought this milk bottle was interesting.

I liked this milk bottle as well…at least the front with the girl on it. The other side with a clown I found rather creepy.

Wooden cigar box that I thought was nice (but I had already bought a different wooden cigar box not so long ago).

This recipe box was cute.

I seriously considered buying this dish—I loved the design on the side, but I didn’t want to spend $8 for it.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

$24 at an Estate Sale

I spent a bit more than usual at this estate sale. I bought this blue rectangular Japanese ceramic piece that I thought I could use to put herbs in. (I don’t currently have any herbs planted, but I have thought that I ought to start…).

I bought it for $6. I really love the blue glaze on it.

I got these two containers for loose leaf tea for $1 each.

I also bought these two ceramic tea cups for $3 each. I like blue glaze on them and they’re very comfortable to hold.

I got this strainer and bowl for $8. Honestly, I was on the fence on getting this since the price seemed a bit steep to me, but I decided I could actually use it so I bought it.

I got these three decks of (never-been-used) cards from Airlines for 50 cents each.

And finally, I bought this Japanese cracker tin for 50 cents. It’s quite large, about 10 inches wide by 13.5 inches tall. I liked the design on it.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Things I Didn’t Buy 13

This Dutch Cleanser container is really cute.

And I liked this Bon Ami Powder container as well.

I thought this Sunburst packaging for syringes was designed well. 

This Angel Chimes packaging was interesting.

I thought this Bondex packaging was pretty cute.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Revamped: Dress to Skirt

I got this dress a while back from a thrift store. The dress was a bit large on me, so I thought the easiest thing to do was to alter it into a skirt.

I cut the dress under its elastic waistband, and cut off a section of fabric to create the waistband. I undid part of the side seam and put in a zipper. This was done not as cleanly as I would have liked. The seam allowance was only at about a quarter inch, so I didn’t sew through all the fabric when I put in the zipper. So I hand sewed the fabric that didn’t catch, which made it rather sloppy. But I was just too lazy to redo it. I gathered the top of the skirt and then sewed the waistband to it.

Overall, it didn’t take as long as starting from scratch, but isn’t something I feel super excited about. It’s a fine skirt, wearable, but not something I love.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thrifted: Sewing Book, Serving Dish and Smoking Stuff

I picked up a few things at some thrift shops.

First up is an Aurelia Biltmore wooden cigar box that I bought for 50 cents.

Next is this metal cigarette case I got for $1.50. I don’t smoke but I thought it was interesting.

I also got this Pyrex serving dish for $5.

And finally, I bought this Reader’s Digest Complete Guide to Sewing book from 1976 for $2. While I have a few sewing books, I really liked that this book had very detailed instructions about how to do things that I found quite helpful.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Four More Sewing Patterns

I got more sewing patterns for $0.25 cents each. First is this hooded top and pants that I really like (in particular, B version with the little buttons on the legs—so cute). I’m guessing it’s from the 1970s.

Next, I got this coat pattern from 1977. It’s a classic silhouette, and looks like it wouldn’t be too difficult to make…

I thought I’d pick up this top pattern from 1986, just because I feel like I lack top patterns.

And finally, I bought this dress pattern from 1992. I really like this simple dress.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Things I Didn’t Buy 12

At a thrift store I saw quite a few interesting items. Here’s a toy washing machine. Toys of items that adults use in their everyday lives is odd to me. It’s like a type of brainwashing: play with this toy as a child, and when you grow up, doing this mundane task will be “fun.”

Broken head with marbles in it. [Pause.] I think there’s a lost marble joke in their somewhere.

Tube tester machine. So random.

Old TV sets.

Cool old radio.

Old adding machine.

This old telephone is so awesome.