Thursday, April 20, 2017

Thrifted for $6.63

I got this red wool jacket for $3.50. It looks like it’s the inner jacket that can zip into an outer jacket. It fit well and I like the collar and snaps down the front. I didn’t need another wool jacket—but it’s different than my other jackets in that it’s more casual...and I liked it because it’s red.

The next two items I got for $3.13; I probably shouldn’t have bought either of them. First is a gray and maroon wool sweater—it’s clearly a man’s sweater as it’s large on me. It also appears to be handmade (since I can see the yarn ends on the inside); it’s a well-made garment. I like the design and color choice of the sweater.

And I got a petticoat that I thought I could wear under skirts and dresses to make it more voluminous…and it does, but perhaps too much for me.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 38

This Santa doll is sooooo creepy—it’s hilarious. Look at his eyes; he’s saying, “I know you’ve been naughty. NO TOYS FOR YOU!” And I didn’t realize it until later, but there's a clown photo bombing the picture.

I thought about getting this old Nancy Drew book from the 1950s. However, besides missing the cover on the spine, there was mold growing on it.

This was just an interesting electric power book cover.

This serving tray was cool—so 1960s.

I liked this serving tray was well.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thrifted for $25.21

I got this 1990s pullover dress for $7.99. I liked the colors and Asian-inspired pattern.

I also bought this denim dress for $9.99. It’s a little large on me, but with a belt, I think it looks fine. And it has pockets (I love dresses with pockets).

I have been trying to be pretty good about not buying more fabric because I already have more than I need. But every so often, I falter. And I bought two fabrics. The first is a lightweight pattern fabric for $1.99. I could see it being part of a dress or top.

The second fabric I got was this paisley fabric for $4.99.

I totally didn’t need this Iron Fireman measuring stick…at all…and don’t even know what it’s for, but I just liked it. And it only cost me 25 cents.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Sewing Patterns 1*

I love this dress pattern from the 1960s. Super cute with and without the collar

I adore this dress pattern from the 1970s. It looks comfortable and I like the sleeves and the buttons down the front.

This dress and top with pants pattern from the 1970s is nice. I like the collar and detail in the front that adds interest to an otherwise simple garment.

Finally, this separates pattern from 2007 isn’t that exciting to me on the whole—except the skirt. I bought this pattern specifically because of this tiered skirt pattern. I once had a cute purple silk tiered skirt that I loved, but eventually had to get rid of. So when I saw this pattern, I thought I could create my own tiered skirt.

*I realized that I should just number the sewing patterns I have bought to make the titling simpler. So I’m just starting at one now (rather than renaming the prior sewing pattern posts…because I’m lazy).

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 37

I like the art on this Treasured Polish Recipes book.

This cover is pretty.

I like the graphic nature of this plumbing book.

And I like the color and simplicity of this filing book.

Finally, this Will Rogers book has an interesting cover.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Singer Sewing Machine

My uncle and aunt generously gifted me this portable vintage Singer sewing machine that appears to be in really good condition. They know I sew and would appreciate this lovely machine.

The machine itself is gorgeous. It looks to be a later model—from the 1950s. I love the lines of the machine, the simple and classic coloring, and the ornate scrolling design. [Pause.] Good design makes me smile.

And I love the wood case it comes with—it doesn’t make it lightweight, but it is sturdy. And it’s sooooo pretty.

It also has a lot of pieces with it. Different feet and bobbins. It looks quite complete. I have yet to try it out; I need to do some reading and watch some online videos to feel comfortable before I start sewing. But I look forward to testing it. I have a pair of jeans that I’ve been wanting to hem for quite some time now; I’ve avoided it since I didn’t think my current sewing machine could take the thick fabric. But I think this Singer machine is strong enough to do it. This was a very nice (and useful) gift.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 36

A Care Bears lunchbox. I can’t help but comment: Really? $12.99 for a lunch box? That’s one expensive lunchbox, and Care Bears wasn’t even a great cartoon…

This nightlight is super retro and cute.

I just had to take a photo of this Hirsch-Weis (a division of White Stag), sleeping bag tag. It’s awesome; I love everything about it—the fonts, colors and drawings.

I thought about buying some of these milk crates, but I already have one that I haven’t really used yet, so buying more seemed stupid.

I thought this foldable metal ruler was cool.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Four Sewing Patterns for $1

First is a dress pattern from the 1960s. I think all of the versions of this dress are cute.

Next, this dress pattern from the 1960s is also nice.

I thought this blouse pattern from the 1960s was cute.

And finally, this dress pattern is from 1981. I like the simplicity of this dress and it doesn’t look difficult to make.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 35

This Pan American’s World Guide has a really cute cover.

I really like the typography on this My Naughty-graphics book (and it was a silly workbook that made me laugh).

More cookbooks. I like the art on this one.

This cover is so simple and graphic.

I like the font on this one.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Sunday, January 29, 2017

Thrifted for $12.48

I got this cute teacup with a lid and strainer for $2.99. It looked like it was a handmade ceramic piece, and while I initially wasn’t all that excited about the ornate handle, it actually felt quite comfortable in my hand.

This is the strainer part. However, I accidently dropped this teacup, and the strainer was the most delicate part and it broke. Yes, that was stupid. I’ve convinced myself that I was unlikely to actually use the strainer part for loose-leaf tea anyway.

I also got this strainer for $3.99.

And this whisk for 50 cents.

And finally, I got this light-weight black skirt for $5. It has two layers of fabric and slits on both sides. This looks undoubtedly from the 1990s to me. I’ve been wanting a 90s skirt—this wasn’t quite what I had in mind but I like it quite a bit.