Thursday, October 12, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 54

I went to an estate sale and there were a lot vintage produce labels. I loved looking at them. I really liked this Blue Goose pear label. Super simple and graphic.

Here are some more fruit labels.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 53

I really liked this dress from the 1960s.

These pants and tops from the 1970s are interesting—I really like the white top.

I liked this dress from the 1970s, although it may be slightly too Little House on the Prairie for me.

I liked the dress quite a bit, and it looks fairly comfortable.

Finally, I liked this Asian-inspired dress from the 1980s.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 52

This Scamp’s Adventure storybook from 1958 is pretty adorable.

I really liked this geography book for children—very cute illustrations.

And The Science Library book was interesting. There were multiple books from the series there, all focusing on different aspects of science.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Thrifted for Around $7

I went to a pay-by-the-pound thrift store and bought a few things. My friend and I weighed our stuff together, so I don’t have exact numbers for the clothes I bought. First up, this navy Chaps cardigan. I can’t help myself…I just love navy.

I also got this Kenneth Cole black pleated silk skirt.

The glassware was $1.74 all together. I got a glass pie dish. I’ve never made pie, but now that I have a pie dish maybe I will.

And I got seven small bowls—a mix of Pyrex and Fire King.

Finally, at a different thrift store, I got this black turtleneck sweater for $3.99. It’s nothing special—just a Target brand, but it fit and I thought I could always use a basic piece.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 51

This Nevr-Dull tin is awesome.

And this Pozzoni’s tin is very beautiful.

I liked the simplicity of this Sure-Cut tin.

And I thought this Velvet tin was interesting.

Finally, a giant-sized Skippy peanut butter container.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 50

The cover of The Most Wonderful Birthday Present is so cute.

This potato gun amused me.

And here’s a cookie gun.

I thought this old phone was interesting.

And I liked this Tillamook Oyster Stew packaging.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Words and Ideas

I bought this old textbook from 1960 for a quarter. I’m not sure what a helicopter has to do with the English language, but those two teenagers on the cover are obviously fascinated by it—taking a moment to stare at it before going to the post office to mail letters.

The illustrations are pretty nice.

I skimmed parts of the textbook and appreciated how simple it is to read.

The part of this textbook I find most interesting is how it incorporates the social aspects of language—like manners…and making friends. Here’s a how-to guide of being a pleasant human being while conversing.

And here are pointers on how to give and take criticism. [Pause.] I don’t think I was ever taught this in school…although to be honest, I think many people stand to learn a few of these tips.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 49

These sewing patterns all appear to be from the 1960s. This suit is very cute—very Jackie O.

This dress and coat are nice.

And I liked this suit and cape.

A more summery dress and jacket.

I liked the buttons on the back of this dress.

And these are nice and simple dresses.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Things I Didn’t Buy 48

I thought these old slides were really interesting. They looked to be religious in nature—lots of buildings of churches.

I thought this round cutting board was awesome. Okay, I just like the packaging…but you can’t use the cutting board with the packaging still on it.

Cute Kellogg’s breakfast bowl. It looks more retro than it really is—it’s from 1995.

A Suzy Homemaker oven.

A Polaroid bag—cute but in poor condition.

And a wooden box with leather straps. This I considered buying. I love wood and I love boxes, and here it is—all in one! But I resisted…good for me! [Pat on back.]

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Thrifted for $5.98

For $5.48, I got a few items. First up, this H&M black and white top. I actually recall seeing this top in the store and thinking that the pattern was interesting. But of course didn’t buy it because buying full-price for clothing is something I rarely do. It does need some mending; the button for the back closure is missing, and thread on one of the sleeves has come undone, but these are pretty easy fixes. I think the top might be a little large (but it’s hard to tell until I fix the button so I can close the neckline properly).

Next up, this Banana Republic green top. Truthfully, I’m not terribly excited about wearing the color green. But the top fit me and I thought it would work well with some skirts I have, so I decided to get it.

I also got two pieces of fabric. The navy is about a yard. The floral fabric…I didn’t try to count. It’s a lot—probably a bolt’s worth.

I also got two patterns for 25 cents a piece. I’ve been trying to cut down on buying sewing patterns (as I have too many), but I really liked these two. The first is this simple dress from 1972 that I thought would be easy to make.

The second pattern is a dress from the 1971 that I really like the cut of. I love the collar and the buttons down the front. Admittedly, this looks too complicated for me to make, but maybe one day…