Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Death Picnic 2008

Death Picnic card (front)

Some relatives I don’t see very often because they live far away. Funerals and weddings bring us together. This was the case in summer of 2008. Not one particular death, but a memorial service for a number of people who had died over the years.

Out-of-town relatives came up for the memorial service that was held maybe two days before the Fourth of July and then stayed for the long holiday weekend. Additionally, we were invited to an annual Fourth of July picnic thrown by relatives, and I couldn't help but be amused—first death then picnic.  

Of course, my family had known for months that this memorial service was coming, so when referring to this time period, I coined the term “Death Picnic.” When my family would mention this particular period of time, it was always, “Who’s coming to Death Picnic?” and “What’s happening at Death Picnic?” and “How long is Death Picnic going to last?”

The Big Day
The memorial service was just that: a memorial service. There was food after. And of course we saw our relatives during those few days they were in town. I did not go to the picnic.

But Death Picnic lives on. I call it “Death Picnic 2008” (as if there were multiple years of Death Picnic). It’s a good point of reference for knowing the last time we saw a particular relative.

Death Picnic card (back)

To the Survivors
Later, my brother’s birthday was coming up, so I made this Death Picnic card for him. Just for fun. Maybe if I’d given it more thought (and time) I would have come up with a different design, but this is what I ended up with at the time. And the important thing is that it amused my brother, which was the intended goal.

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