Friday, January 14, 2011

DIY: Gift Card Pad—Covered (part 2)

If you’re not particularly excited about the gift card design that you have, or you want to personalize it, then you can cover the card. It just takes a few more additional supplies and steps than the Gift Card Pad (part 1).


— 1 —
Cut out a section of contact paper that is a little larger than the card.

— 2 —
Remove contact paper backing. Stick card to contact paper.

— 3 —
Using a ruler and x-acto knife, remove excess contact paper from all four edges.

— 4 —
At the curved corners, remove excess contact paper with x-acto knife.

— 5 —
Add stickers to new covered card.

— 6 —
Follow directions of Gift Card Pad (part 1) to create pad.

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