Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I’m Going to Hell Pad

As I was roaming a paper store, I came across blank pads and wanted to do something with them. I didn’t have an idea per se when I bought them, but what eventually came to mind was that a pad has two sides, and I wanted to use this double-sidedness to my advantage; like something dealing with opposites. Opposing forces. Polarizing sides. Good vs. Evil. And finally settled on heaven and hell.

People often say, “I’m going to hell,” for all sorts of reasons. I decided to put some fairly innocuous reasons in the background, and in the foreground leave some space for someone to put down their own reasons for going to hell (or heaven). 

The reasons for going to hell are:
  • I eat doughnuts in front of people exercising
  • I don’t feel bad telling other people’s secrets
  • I flirt with people I’m not really interested in
  • I tell five year olds that Santa doesn’t exist
  • I only pretend to listen to people who annoy me
  • I tell people my brownies are low fat but they’re not
  • I roll my eyes at people who name drop

The reasons for going to heaven are:
  • I use fake swear words instead of the real ones
  • I only tell lies to make other people feel good
  • I laugh at other people’s jokes—even when they’re not funny
  • I don’t club baby seals to their deaths
  • I eat my vegetables
  • I don’t do drugs (especially the worst of them all—caffeine)
  • I always remember people’s birthdays
  • I don’t kill bugs

This was a fun pad to design. The reasons in the background are handwritten because I wanted it to parallel the owner of the pad writing down his or her own reasons. Hopefully, owners will have a good time thinking of and writing down their own reasons for being hell/heaven bound. 

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