Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Just Give Me Money

I’m not particularly excited about giving money and gift cards as presents. It may be what the person in question actually wants, but it’s so impersonal. [Sigh.]

But if that’s the route I’m going, then I try not to give just the money/gift card; I try to give them a little something extra so they know I put a bit of effort into the present.

So with a friend’s birthday coming up (who wanted a gift card), I decided to make a card holder as the packaging/card. I first created a simple template for the format of the card holder (that had to be tweaked a couple of times before I was satisfied).

Then came the fun part, adding the design. While I didn’t have a design “plan,” I wanted to use some drawings I’ve made that were scanned into my computer. I also knew that I wanted the card holder to be pretty and generic enough that I could use it for more than one occasion. So using the scans, the design itself came together organically on the computer.

Finally, the card holder was open on one side, so it needed something to keep it closed. So I found some perforated round stickers at an office supply store, and used that to close the side. 

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