Friday, January 21, 2011

You Must Be 20

Beer-chan pad (front)

Food with personality is funny to me. Characters that you can eat or drink, well, their fates are already sealed…and they were delicious.

When I was in Japan, I bought a lot of stationary products that I did not need, but wanted. So cute. So strange. So funny. This is one of my favorites: Beer-chan.

In Japan, the drinking age is 20. So of course, there’s a disclaimer on this Beer-chan pad saying that you must be 20 to drink. [Pause.] Right.

I’m not sure who at San-X had the brilliant idea of creating Beer-chan, but kudos. (In my mind, a group of co-workers went to a bar and got incredibly drunk because they didn’t have a new character created to meet their deadline. And in their far-gone state of intoxication, decided to present “Beer” as their new character. A character called Beer, who is beer, and that drinks beer—hilarious.)

(inside page)

(inside page)


Just looking at Beer-chan makes me smile. It’s an added bonus that he’s cute (even as a dancing drunk). He definitely looks good enough to drink.

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