Thursday, February 10, 2011

Can of Worms

I’m having a childhood flashback: using a can to create a pencil holder. Since it’s so simple to do, I’m pretty sure that this is something I would have done for an art project for school.

For my image I decided on go with an idiom (because I love them so), and “can of worms” was the obvious choice. I wanted to create a product label for my can that showcased the worms themselves, but I also wanted them to look like swirly lines from a distance (so you might not instantly realize that they’re worms). 

So I drew a whole bunch of worms squirming together…pleasant, I know. Everything is pink since worms are generally a pinkish color, and I like the sense of femininity it brings; many find worms creepy, so I like the gross and girly combination I’ve created for this label.

If you make your own can pencil holder, don’t be like me and cut yourself. I used a can with one of those easy to open tab tops, so I thought that the edges wouldn’t be as rough as the kind you open with a can opener. Well, maybe this is true, but I was trying to hand wash the can, and that was a mistake. I went to fast or put too much pressure on my hand while washing, and got a nice little cut. I learned my lesson. I put the can in the dishwasher for cleaning.

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