Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cell Phone Straps

When I was in Japan, there were many things there that were big there that never quite made it to the U.S. Cell phone straps were one of those things.

Cell phone straps are unnecessary and can bulk up your phone, which is why I don’t really have a desire to use them. But they were everywhere in Japan, at department stores, souvenir shops, attached to bottled drinks as free gifts; and really, if you had a particular interest, there was a cell phone strap for that somewhere.

I enjoyed looking at all the different varieties of cell phone straps, and I got a few of them, not so much to use but just to have—since they were cute. One of my favorites is a daikon radish character; his lethargic expression makes me smile.

Here are some others:

Unico (I have childhood memories of watching this animated film)

Beer-chan (Yes, I already have him in pad form, but I couldn't resist him in this form as well)

Nyanko Burger (I know, another food related character—I just think they're so funny)

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