Wednesday, February 9, 2011

DIY: Bobbin Seal

I often keep things that I don’t need, thinking that I’ll use it sometime in the future. I should probably throw much of it away, but a part of me resists. I can’t help but think that I could use it for something.

So I can feel vindicated that I have used something I’ve kept around: a bobbin. Looking at its shape, I thought I could use it as a stamp.

  • Bobbin (mine has a 1 inch diameter)
  • Stamp pad
  • Colored paper
  • Circle punch (mine has a 1 inch diameter)
  • Colored pens (I used metallic pens)

— 1 —
Punch circle from chosen colored paper.

— 2 —
Use the bobbin as a stamp, aligning it to the punched circle.

— 3 —
Write a message with your pen in the center of the circle. Seal complete. Just use double-sided tape to attach to an envelope or package.

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