Thursday, February 3, 2011

DIY: Lantern Tag

I was thinking about other ways to use circle shapes, and came up with a festive lantern tag.

  • Assortment of paper (e.g. colored cardstock/scrapbooking paper)
  • Large and small circle punches (I used 2½  inch and 1 inch punches)
  • Double-sided tape (permanent)
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch
  • Stamp (“To” and “From”)
  • Stamp pad

— 1 —
Punch small circles from paper. (I punched a total of 12 circles; 6 circles each from 2 different colored sheets.)

— 2 —
Fold small circles in half.

— 3 —
Tape folded circles together. (I cut the double-sided tape to fit the small surface area of the circle half.)

— 4 —
Tape the rest of the half circles together until you have a “ball”.

— 5 —
Punch two large circles from paper.

— 6 —
On one of the large circles, stamp “To” and “From”.

— 7 —
Align two large circles together and punch a hole through the top.

— 8 —
Cut a length of ribbon. (I cut mine at approximately 24 inches.)

— 9 —
Thread ribbon through holes so that the ends are between the two large circles. Even out the ribbon ends at the bottom.

— 10 —
Knot the ribbon at the top of the large circles, leaving enough room for a loop at the top.

— 11 —
Using double-sided tape, tape the ribbon going between the two large circles to the large circles.

— 12 —
Knot ribbon at bottom of large circles.

— 13 —
Wrap some double-sided tape around the ribbon.

— 14 —
String the “ball” on the ribbon, over the double-sided tape.

— 15 —
Knot ribbon below the “ball.” If uneven, cut the ribbon ends below the “ball.” Tag complete.

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