Thursday, February 24, 2011

Japanese Silk Labels

Stock images are commonplace at work; they’re quick and easy to get, mock up and replace if necessary. However, when working on personal projects, I generally prefer to create my own imagery since it reflects my design sensibilities to a better degree.

Yet sometimes what’s already been created is what you’re looking for. I love vintage design. There’s warmth and beauty and sense of nostalgia when looking at something from a different time period. So I couldn’t help but get a book and cd of Vintage Japanese Silk Trade Labels from Dover.

Most of the labels have nature imagery on them (lots of flowers and animals), are fairly desaturated in color and intricate in detail. I selected a couple of them and used them as the image on my card holders (it was an easy switch since I had already created the card holder template months ago).

Here are some more of my favorite labels:

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