Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Natto Pad

Natto Pad (tag for hanging)
I am not a natto (fermented soybeans) fan. I knew before trying it that there was a slim chance that I would actually like it, but I tried anyway because every so often food can surprise you; sometimes your preconceived notions are incorrect. This was not one of those times.

If you’ve never tried natto, it has a pungent smell that first whacks you in the face. So from the get-go, you’re apprehensive to try it. But you hold your breath to try it anyway. You pick up a few beans [which is difficult since strands of stickiness (somewhat akin to that found with okra) doesn’t want to part with the main body of natto]. But you wrestle those few beans away and hesitantly pop them into your mouth. The slimy texture and strong flavor makes you chew as quickly as you can so you can swallow and chase it with the nearest drink.

Natto is an acquired taste that I have failed to acquire. So while I love Japanese food in general, I avoid natto. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy natto stationary.

Natto Pad (all packaging components)
Once again, cute food characters make me laugh. This pad by CruX is designed and packaged so adorably. The pad is inside the container (just as natto is packed in containers).

Natto Pad (base packaging)
Then there’s the added bonus of reusing the round container once you’ve used the pad. Additionally, you can cut out the natto character found at the bottom of the packaging, and attach him to the container. So cute! 

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