Monday, February 7, 2011

Quick Valentines

I found this cute scrapbooking paper at a craft store and decided to turn it into quick valentines. I just cut out the images along the dotted lines and then pasted the image onto colored paper. It was super easy.

These small valentines reminds me of when I was in elementary school and we would make mailboxes for Valentine’s Day and then give all of our classmates valentines. Generally, the valentines we used were store bought (and cartoon related), but I like these cute pun-filled images.

Plus they were very cheap to make. One sheet of the valentine scrapbooking paper was on sale for $0.25, and with 30 images on the page, it's less than 1 cent an image. So each valentine was just a couple of cents to make (since I also used scrapbooking paper for the image background and for the glue cost).

It’s also easy to convert this into a gift tag by punching a hole at the top and adding some ribbon. Happy (forthcoming) Valentine’s Day!

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