Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sew Impulsive (part 1)

I don’t have air conditioning. For some of you that would be inconceivable, but it’s not usually super hot where I am (except for a couple days out of the year). When it hits 100 degrees, then it’s time for me to go somewhere with air conditioning—and I am not alone. Any public place suddenly becomes packed with hot cranky people. It’s a real treat.

A Young Fool
I went to a fabric store (to cool down during the height of summer) and got sucked into the fabric. I would pick up different fabrics and think, “I want to make something with this.” In my mind, I could make clothes to my exact design specifications (since it can madden me to see some of the “design details” that’s on clothing, or that the clothing I like made out of quality materials is generally more than I would like to spend).

However, I always put any fabric I’m attracted to down because what would I do with it? I never learned to sew and didn’t own a sewing machine. Years ago, my mom had offered an old sewing machine to me, and I’d said no because I didn’t think I’d ever use it. I was mentally kicking myself at that moment in the store. Why hadn’t I taken the sewing machine? Who doesn’t want a free sewing machine? A young foolish me. That’s who.

Not a New Year’s Resolution
So looking at all this fabric, I came to a decision: I would buy a sewing machine. I had a desire to sew. Months before I had casually looked online at sewing machines and read some reviews on them, so I’d already kind of chosen a sewing machine in the back of my mind. But now I was resolute: I would get one.

It’s Not a Collector’s Item
After shopping (and picking up fabric that I would hopefully someday use), I returned home and ordered my sewing machine. It came in the mail and I looked at the large box, opened it, and kept the machine in its original packaging as I skimmed the manual. I was overwhelmed by the amount of information. Why did sewing have to be so complicated? Why did it have so many steps? Why was I too lazy to suck it up and just try to sew something? Mostly, I was afraid of breaking my machine.

The Bare Minimum
I decided I should take a class. A sewing class would teach me the basics so that I would feel less intimidated about using my machine. I took the most basic sewing class possible that taught me how to thread a machine and what some of the buttons on the machine did. It was helpful. I felt slightly more confident to get my machine out of the box—and I did. I threaded it and tried sewing with it. Just for practice.

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