Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sew Impulsive (part 2)

Cut to months later. I finally went to the fabric store and picked out a very simple skirt pattern. It’s pretty much the bare minimum pattern you can get: an A-line skirt where the front and back use the same pattern shape with a zipper on the side.

My first actual project took practically all weekend, in large part because I was overly cautious. At every step I was double-checking the pattern directions to make sure that I wasn’t missing something important. I had to watch videos online on how to put in a zipper (since I had never done so before). It was a long tedious process but I was determined to finish.

I knew before starting on my skirt that I would make a ton of mistakes. Being perfect first try out is impossible, and I knew that it would take lots of time and practice before I could create something that was actually well made.

The skirt I made is not well made but still wearable. I can cover up the top with a belt and I doubt anyone looks at the hem; so from a distance, the skirt looks okay. The important thing is that it got done and hopefully each time I do a project, I’ll slowly get better and more competent.

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