Thursday, February 24, 2011

Supply Binging

This past month I’ve been binging on supplies (and in particular fabric and yarn). I keep going into stores and finding stuff that I could use (“could” being the operative word).

Sure, I’ve been trying to sew (at a snail’s pace), but the problem is I really haven’t made a dent in the fabric I already have—yet I get more. Fabric in particular is hard for me to resist, since I know that many fabrics are seasonal and if I wait too long, I may not have an opportunity to get that particular pattern later. I have a tendency to think that it’s better to have than regret not having later (ah, yes, my rationalizations run deep).

So I need to stay away from stores for a while—go cold turkey. If I don’t know something exists, then I can’t want it. I need to use the things I have before I get more (especially since I don’t have enough room for the stuff I already have). [Sigh.]

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