Thursday, March 17, 2011


I like the look of screenprinted items, but I think I lack the patience to screenprint in the traditional way. Looking at the directions that came with the screenprinting kit I bought, I quickly lost motivation. So many steps. [Sigh.] I can be quite lazy. So instead of using the kit, I ended up using light sensitive materials that could create a reusable screen (which to me, seemed simpler).

For my image I decided I wanted it to be based upon type, but that the type wouldn’t be super readable and would sort of meld into the surrounding shapes. I wanted it to be a bit heavy and not too girly, and picked the word “lucky” to be the center of it all.

I created my screen, which took some time. That’s the part I don’t really enjoy, the prep work and waiting, but everything turned out well. However, I’ve been lazy since creating this and haven’t gotten around to making any more screens. But ideas are buzzing in my head, so maybe I’ll get around to making another one soon. [Pause.] Maybe. 

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