Thursday, April 28, 2011

DIY: Clothespin Magnet

I impulsively bought a package of clothespins while at a home improvement store, and even though I didn’t have an idea at the time of how I would use them, I knew an idea would eventually come to me. And it did—I ended up having the idea of creating magnets.

The only place I really use magnets is the refrigerator, which is a good place for notes and reminders. While I have store bought clip magnets, I thought I would create my own—useful and personalized.

  • Clothespins (7-Coil Spring)
  • Magnet with adhesive backing
  • Scissors
  • Stamp and stamp pad (optional)

— 1 —
With chosen stamp, stamp onto the clothespin.

— 2 —
Cut magnet strip with scissors to the length and width of the clothespin.

— 3 —
Adhere the clothespin to the magnet strip’s backing. Clothespin magnet complete. 

As far as the stamped part was concerned, there wasn’t a lot of surface area, so I thought patterns or text would work best. I used a stamp with changeable letters, and kept it simple and all-purpose with “Look!” and “Remember!” But there are a variety of ways to go with the text, such as people’s names (or pets), special dates and places, adjectives (e.g. good, fun, interesting, awesome) and verbs (e.g. eat, drink, play, go). Or you could choose more organizational text like a clothespin for “coupons” or “yes” and “no” for events you’re invited to attend. 

I also used two different colored stamp pads on a couple of the clothespins (because I had messed up and to cover my mistake I covered the clothespin with color). If you overlap colors, just be sure to let it dry between switching from one color to another.

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