Thursday, April 14, 2011

Not Like the Envelope Picture

Sometimes I wish my brain functioned like a computer and I could just upgrade with new information and skill sets, so I could just know how to sew instantaneously. This whole learning through trial and error just takes so much effort. [Sigh.] But I guess it can’t really be helped.

Despite the fact it takes me forever to sew anything, I am trying. I have yet to sew anything that I’m utterly ecstatic about, but with each project I’m slowly learning more and getting used to my machine. Thus far I’ve put in a zipper, put in a lapped zipper, sewed darts, created pleats and have applied interfacing. Currently I’m working on a pullover dress that uses elastic.

I’m both proud and disappointed once I finish with a project; proud because I plowed through and finished it (despite any problems that may have arisen), and disappointed because it didn’t turn out as well as I wanted it to (like the fact it doesn’t look like the picture on the pattern envelope). But my poor craftsmanship can only improve with enough time and practice (at least that is my hope).

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