Thursday, June 9, 2011

DIY: Straw Band

This project just popped into my head, although I’m not quite sure why I was thinking about straws to begin with. (Perhaps it was just stream of consciousness?) But I thought straws would be a material that many people would likely have in their home and would be easy to use in this project.

Depending on the length of the finished band, it could be used as a larger decorative rubber band to hold items together, a napkin ring or a bracelet. If you have nice long beads, you could certainly use that instead of straws for a more mature look.

  • Elastic line
  • Straws
  • Scissors


— 1 —
Cut straws into the length you want.

— 2 —
Cut the elastic line. (To get the approximate length of elastic line needed, line up all the straw “beads” you'll be using and use that as a first length. Take that first length and triple it).

— 3 —
Put the first straw “bead” down the elastic line until it reaches the middle of the line.

— 4 —
Put the second straw “bead” down the line. Square it up against the first “bead”.

— 5 —
Take the end of the elastic line (the one coming directly out of the first “bead”) and thread it through the second “bead”.

— 6 —
Continue this process of threading the “beads” until you get to the length you want.

— 7 —
Thread the elastic through the first bead and double knot it.

— 8 —
Turn the band inside out (so that the knot is on the inside). Band complete.

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