Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Goldilocks says, “It’s just right.” [Pause.] Probably.

When I started my blog in January, I posted Monday thru Friday for a month—and that burned me out. So I decided to try posting once a week on Thursdays, and I thought I’d see how that would go. It went okay—except it felt long between posts.

[Sigh.] I’m feeling a bit like Goldilocks; trying the porridge that’s too hot, the porridge that’s too cold and finally having the porridge that’s just right. I’m trying to find the posting schedule that’s just right for me.

Thus, I’ve decided to switch things up again. I’ll continue to post on Thursdays but I’ll leave the option to post on random days as well. A little bit of structure and a little bit of flexibility—I think that will probably work best for me (but once again, we’ll see).

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