Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Not Too Embarrassed to be Seen With You in Public…

Over the weekend I sewed a skirt with a waistband (instead of using twill tape at the waist to add stability). What makes this skirt different than the other skirts I’ve sewn? I think I’ll actually wear this one out in public.

Since I have practically no experience sewing, every time I work on a project I seem to be doing something for the first time. This time it was putting in an invisible zipper. I worried that I would have to use an invisible zipper foot (which I did not have), but instead I found directions online for putting in an invisible zipper with a regular zipper foot—and it was surprisingly easy.

The main problem I had in this project is that the zipper in the skirt didn’t quite meet the waistband when I sewed the two pieces together. Sadly, I noticed this annoying gap belatedly and I didn’t want to take the skirt apart in order to fix this error. So I decided to add an extra eye and hook to help close that stupid little gap. So the skirt isn’t quite perfect (which of course isn’t shocking), but I‘m pretty happy with it overall (and I can always cover the gap up with a belt).

This was probably the smoothest sewing project I’ve done so far (even though it still takes me forever to do anything). But I decided on sewing this skirt because I wanted to sew something fairly easy that I had a real shot of getting right (or at least semi-right). Because I’ve gotten a lot of stuff wrong when I’m overly ambitious. [Sigh.] It’s just so hard to wait; and to learn things slowly and build skill sets steadily. One day I’ll be ready for more complicated patterns that I will be able to sew with some competency. [Pause.] But one day sure feels far away sometimes (far, far, far away).

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