Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sticker Pattern

Sometimes I’ll keep items that I think I’ll be able to reuse later. I have a few of these tall containers that I use for extra storage, and I decided to dress one up a little bit with some fun polka dots.

I had a package of label stickers that had ten 1 inch by 1½ inch stickers per sheet. Using a patterned polka dot stamp, I stamped the sticker sheet using two different colors. The polka dots weren’t stamped in a perfect way, but I like that the dots are a bit “off” because I think it creates a more interesting texture.

Since the stickers were rectangular, I placed them on the container in a repetitive grid pattern. The stickers I used were the removable type so it was easy to redo the sticker placement if I wasn’t happy with it. On the downside of using removable stickers is they don’t stick quite as well as the permanent kind (so the stickers that I moved from their original placement had a higher tendency of the corners curling up).

This project didn’t take too long to do; the part that took the longest was placing the stickers on the container (since I tried to keep the spacing fairly consistent). It’s an easy way to alter the appearance of a container or package. 

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