Friday, July 1, 2011

DIY: Button Jewelry Holder

While I haven’t actually used buttons in any sewing projects (thus far) that doesn’t stop me from buying them—especially if they’re on sale. It’s hard to resist the pull of a cute button, since there are just too many adorable buttons to choose from. [Sigh.] (I know. I just totally tried to rationalize my unnecessary need to buy buttons…I’m sorry.)

So I had a variety of buttons that I thought were pretty and I wanted to display them in a project in some way. I decided that I could use buttons as a design accent in a (much needed) jewelry holder (since I have an abundance of jewelry and no way to organize it). I wanted an easy and power-tool-free way to create a wall jewelry holder and after spending some time staring at various items at a craft store, this is what I came up with.

  • Plywood (size: 0.25 x 4 x 12 inch)
  • Strong glue
  • 0.625 inch wood candle cup with 0.25 inch hole (I used 5 of them)
  • Buttons (at least 0.875 inch in diameter) (I used 5 of them)
  • Sandpaper
  • Damage-free hanging strips (I used 3 medium strip sets)
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Newspaper (or any type of paper to cover your work area)

— 1 —
If necessary, sand any rough areas of the plywood (and remove any stickers attached to it).

— 2 —
With a pencil, mark on your plywood where you want the button knobs to be placed. (With the plywood horizontally long, I measured about 1.75 inch from the top—for the “height” of the knobs. Then I placed a mark at 6 inches for the center button knob. From the center, I measured about 2.375 inch distance for the two knobs on either side of the center knob and marked it. From those two marks, I then repeated the same distance of 2.375 inch for the outside knobs and marked it.)

— 3 —
Apply glue around the rim of the wood candle cup (the side with the larger 0.25 inch hole). (My buttons all have a loop for thread on the back; so I selected the 0.25 inch hole wood candle cup so that the loop could fit within the hole and thus the button could be glued to a flat surface. Not all loops will fit within the 0.25 inch hole; one of my buttons was a little large, so I sanded down the 0.25 inch hole so it would be large enough to fit my button loop.)

— 4 —
Glue button to the wood candle cup rim. Glue other buttons to candle cups to create the number of button knobs you need.

— 5 —
Glue the button knobs onto the marked places of the plywood. (Note: if you have a preferred orientation to the button, make sure that it’s placed the right way when you glue the knob to the plywood.)

— 6 —
Follow the directions of the damage-free hanging strips and apply to the back of the plywood and then to the wall. (For mine: I applied rubbing alcohol to the wall where my jewelry holder would be placed. I stuck two strips together; repeated twice so I had a total of three sets of hanging strips. I adhered one side of the strip to the back of the plywood and pressed to stick. Then I adhered the button jewelry holder to the wall and pressed to stick.) Button jewelry holder complete.

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