Thursday, July 28, 2011

DIY: Paper Earrings

There are times where you might want or need “disposable” earrings, like a Halloween costume or holiday-related earrings. This is a simple way to create earrings that can be whatever shape you can cut out of paper.

  • Thick paper/cardstock
  • Jump rings (I used two 6mm size)
  • Nail polish/paint (optional)
  • Earring hooks (2)
  • Hole punch (I used 1/16 inch size)
  • Pliers
  • Scissors
  • Pencil


 — 1 —
Draw the shape you want on your paper.

— 2 —
With your scissors, cut the shape out from the paper. (If you want matching earrings, trace the shape onto the paper and cut out for the second earring.)

— 3 —
Paint your shape. (It may take multiple coats for the paint to look consistent, so wait between coats for the paint to fully dry. You may also want to paint the back of the paper as well.)

— 4 —
With your hole punch, punch a hole at the top of the paper shape.

— 5 —
With your pliers, open a jump ring and put through the hole in the paper shape.

— 6 —
Put that same jump ring through the earring hook loop. Close jump ring with pliers. Paper earring complete.

Earring using multiple layers of nail polish painted paper.
Punched shape earring made with metallic paper.
Note: Consider using punches that punch special shapes (e.g. snowflakes, clovers, flowers, etc.) to create more intricate and more precisely cut shapes.

Extra Note: Consider using different types of paper (e.g. metallic, glitter, colored, scrapbooking, patterned, etc.), especially if you don’t want to deal with any painting.

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