Friday, July 8, 2011

DIY: Plastic Canvas Jewelry

I picked up some more plastic canvas because I thought I’d be able to advantage of its grid pattern to make some jewelry. Plastic canvas comes in a few basic colors and I chose three sheets: black, white and blue. Each sheet cost me about 60 cents, and I was able to use it in a couple of ways to create some inexpensive costume jewelry.

There are two ways that I used to connect the plastic canvas together: elastic and jump rings.

  • Plastic Canvas
  • Scissors
— PLUS —
  • Elastic
— OR —
  • Jump Rings
  • Clasp/earring hooks  
  • Pliers

— 1 —
Cut out the basic shape you want from the plastic canvas (and repeat as many times as you need.)

— 2 —
With your scissors, smooth out the edges of the cut out plastic canvas.

— 3: with ELASTIC —
Cut a length of elastic (for my bracelet, I cut a length of about 16 inches).

— 4: with ELASTIC —
String shapes created by plastic canvas as if they were beads through one of the grid holes. (I strung mine through the top hole.)

— 5: with ELASTIC —
Once you have the amount of “beads” you want on your bracelet, bring one end of the elastic through another grid hole. (I strung mine through the bottom hole.)

— 6: with ELASTIC —
Double knot elastic ends together.

— 7: with ELASTIC —
Bring one of the elastic ends through the flat loop created on the other end of the bracelet. Double knot ends again. Cut off any excess elastic. Plastic Canvas Jewelry with Elastic complete.

— 3: with JUMP RINGS —
Open jump rings with pliers. Attach a jump ring to the plastic canvas shape and then attach the jump ring to another shape you’ve created. Close ring with pliers. Repeat with any other shapes you want to bind together.

— 4: with JUMP RINGS —
Attach a jump ring to the plastic canvas shape and then attach the jump ring to the clasp/earring hook. Close ring. Plastic Canvas Jewelry with Jump Rings complete.

Finished earrings using jump rings.
Finished bracelet using jump rings to connect plastic canvas pieces.
This is not a difficult project—but it can be a bit repetitive and time consuming depending on the number of “beads” you create. My hand was pretty tired from cutting the “beads” for my elastic bracelet version—but I think it turned out pretty cute.

For another plastic canvas jewelry project, go to Plastic Canvas Bangle.


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