Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hang in There! Card

I’ve never owned a “Hang in there!” poster, but I’ve certainly seen my fair share of them—at schools, at doctor and dentist offices and in movies. (I think most people can already visualize one of the many “cat struggling to stay on a tree branch” posters.) I thought I’d create my own “Hang in there!” version as a birthday card for my brother.

I tried to remain fairly true to the “Hang in there!” posters by having a simple drawing of a cat clinging onto a tree branch. The front of the card looks fairly nice and encouraging (and I selected a friendly script font to help reinforce this idea).

Yet, once the card is opened, you get the whole picture. On the inside there’s a shark jumping out of the water, ready to eat the poor little cat. On the left side, the type is “Because the alternative is worse…” Below the type in the water is a cat skeleton (who sadly just didn’t hang on tightly enough to that pesky tree branch).

This is about as encouraging as I can get in a card (since I tend to enjoy things that aren’t full of saccharin). So hang in there, because it really could be worse.

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