Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letterpress Cards Too Cute to Use

I love the look and feel of letterpress cards—the thick soft paper beautifully pressed with ink makes me smile in appreciation. So much so that I once took a one-day “Introduction to Letterpress” class (that lasted about six hours), and I quickly learned that doing letterpress was not for me. Why? Because you really have to carve out hours of time to do letterpress, and the impatient person in me just wants to be able to create letterpress pieces without the set up and clean up part (which of course isn’t going to happen). So if I’m not going to create my own letterpress pieces, then that leaves buying pieces instead.

Last week I dropped by Egg Press’ sample sale and picked up a few cards for a dollar each. I bought cards not to use but just to have—merely because they were pretty and I wanted them. My new purchases were quickly added to my shoebox full of cards that are “too cute to use”. I realize that having a collection of cards that you aren’t using sort of defeats the whole purpose of the cards themselves. So hopefully I’ll get around to using them in some way or another…someday.

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