Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Brother the Marshmallow

I’ve compared my brother to a marshmallow on several occasions (of course to his face). Why a marshmallow? That’s pretty self-explanatory—he’s soft on the outside, soft on the inside and sweet all the way through. (Yeah, there’s no deep reasoning or amusing story for this, just an apt comparison.)

Marshmallow before (front)
While at a craft store, my eyes fell upon those characters that you can decorate, and one was obviously marshmallow-shaped (and I automatically thought of my brother). I decided to decorate this marshmallow-shaped key chain as part of my brother’s birthday present.

Marshmallow after (front)
Marshmallow after (back)
It’s simply decorated, but it felt like it took a while to do since the stamp pad I used to add the brown “toasted marshmallow” color took a long time to dry. The marshmallow’s expression is surprised as if he didn’t see the flame that burned him coming. (But really, since I’m his sister he ought to have known better and expected it. I like to think that I’m the flame that burned him—which inevitably made him more interesting. A regular marshmallow is so flat in flavor, but a toasted one, now that’s tasty in its different textures and flavors. Yes, I helped my brother become toasted.)

And yes, my brother laughed when he opened his present to see this silly little key chain staring back at him.

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