Thursday, August 18, 2011

Check-the-Box Card

Birthday. Anniversary. Valentine’s Day. The year is full of events (granted some are more important than others) but forget one of them and suddenly that’s the most important event. Because isn’t it the thought that counts? People want to be remembered. They want to feel special. Forgetting someone’s “momentous day” (whatever that day may be) is a slight on them, because basically, you just weren’t thinking of them at all.

So I made this all-purpose card so I can just check off whatever holiday/event I want it to be used for (so for those lazy/forgetful moments, I can at least pretend to have remembered that special day).

I wanted to make a card that was useful, and while I could have just created a blank card with a pretty image on the front that could be used for any occasion, I decided to go a different route with all text. Why? Because at the time, it was not lovely flowers and happy birds that I had in my mind, but blatant “this is how it is” text that I wanted to be the focus. I wanted my card to have a bit of humor laced in its somewhat apologetic tone that the giver was too lazy to go through the motions of getting a specifically made card for that particular event.

People like to say honesty is the best policy (although I doubt they’re being honest with themselves if they believe this 100% of the time), and this Check-the-Box Card is honest in its lack of thoughtfulness. Because if you can’t be truly thoughtful, you should at least have the guts to admit it. 

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