Friday, August 12, 2011

DIY: Rubber Band Bracelet

I like using items I see and use every day in different ways. I had quite a few rubber bands and thought they could be tied together to make a quick and easy bracelet.

  • Rubber bands (I believe my were called “ouchless” as they are continuous bands of elastic with no metal bits. I used 12 smaller rubber bands that were about 1 inch in diameter.)
  • Elastic string (optional)


— 1 —
Place one rubber band half way through a second rubber band. Slip one end of the first rubber band through the other end of that same rubber band. Pull taut.

 — 2 —
Repeat step one until you have a row of four rubber bands together.

— 3 —
Repeat step one and two until you have three sets of rubber band rows.

— 4 —
Cut a length of elastic string (about four inches). (Alternatively, you can cut through a rubber band so it creates a length of elastic. I used elastic string because it’s thinner and less noticeable than the thick rubber band elastic—just a personal preference.)

— 5 —
Take the elastic string and place one end through the loop ends of the three rubber band rows and knot the elastic string. Take one end of that elastic string and place it through the other end of the three rubber band rows. Double knot elastic string and cut any excess elastic. Rubber Band Bracelet complete.

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