Friday, September 16, 2011

DIY: Key Chain Pendant Necklace

I’ve mentioned that I went through a phase of getting Japanese key chains as souvenirs (that I inevitably never used). I don’t have much of a desire to use a key chain as an actual key chain because it adds unwanted weight and bulk, but I thought I could reuse a key chain by turning it into a necklace pendant.

  • Key chain
  • Chain
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Pliers

— 1 —
With pliers, open the jump ring connecting the chain of the key chain to the main piece of the key chain.

— 2 —
Using an open jump ring, connect the main piece of the key chain to the chain you’ve selected for your necklace. Close the jump ring.

— 3 —
With pliers, connect the clasp to the ends of your necklace using jump rings. Key Chain Pendant Necklace complete.

Some key chains will work better as pendants than others depending on its shape, size, design, coloring and the material it’s made of. So perhaps the next time you’re travelling somewhere, you can take a peek at the key chains and see if there’s any that you can transform into a necklace pendant.

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