Thursday, September 8, 2011

Idiom Calendar

Sometime in April I decided to create an idiom calendar for my “Make Something Present” for this year. I am particularly partial to wordplay and I love idioms. There are idioms for practically every situation and I find some quite amusing. Idioms paint visual pictures with just a few words and I wanted to portray that in my idiom calendar.

Despite my early start, this calendar didn’t come together as smoothly as I would have liked. It started off well enough; I created a list of idioms that interested me and made quick sketches of each. I narrowed the most promising idiom choices down to six and then began my actual drawings. My red herring drawing sort of set the tone for the following drawings, as I decided that they should all be more typographic in nature.

However, I went through many drawing revisions, and ultimately most of my final drawings look nothing like my original sketches. It was a long process of trial and error. [Pause.] A lot of error. [Sigh.] Part of the problem was that the format I had decided upon at the start (a tall rectangular wall calendar) just wasn’t working with the drawings I had created; I had to reconsider things.

So I spent some time playing with chipboard until I came up with a stand that could work with my calendar. Slits in the two pieces of chipboard allowed the stand to stay together as one piece. And where the chipboard pieces overlapped, it created flaps that could keep a folded piece of paper in place.

Once the stand was established, I could format my calendar accordingly. I designed my calendar so that a folded sheet of paper had the idiom on the front and the calendar on the back. I also added small drawings on the calendar side to add a bit more visual interest. While the other calendar sheets are being unused, they can be kept within the stand. [I suggest putting them folded side towards the base (otherwise it puts too much pressure on the top narrow section of the stand).]

I’m exceedingly relieved to be done with this calendar. It took longer than anticipated, but I’m happy with the results.

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