Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Recently I went to a vintage store with friends and spent hours there (and it wasn’t hard to do). It wasn’t a cute little boutique of a vintage shop; no, it was a big old house with room after room that was filled with stuff in a haphazard way (akin to how you might find a cluttered garage). There were some attempts to organize things, but the shear volume of items made it a losing battle.

It was amazing the sort of junk and treasures that surrounded me. I couldn’t turn around before seeing a blast from the past; there was a set of horrible purple and green flowered bed sheets that I grew up with; Snoopy’s Sno-cone machine; Spirograph; Lite-Brite. (Ah, memories.) Some of the stuff was so cheesy that I wasn’t shocked that it ended up in the shop, and other times I was overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the vintage item.

I loved the old board games, books, containers (e.g. old flour tins and gasoline cans) and pretty much anything with a cool graphic I couldn’t help but pick up to admire. I restrained myself from getting too much stuff. Yes, I thought the cover of an old hardbound Oregon book from the 1940’s was cool, and I loved the old boxy cameras and typewriters, and one of the more memorable items were these old heavy trunks (think Titanic era) that were huge and had actual drawers in them. But what would I do with any of it? I don’t have the room for the stuff I have, let alone vintage stuff whose sole purpose would be to sit around looking cool. (Sigh.)

But I couldn’t resist getting a little bit of unnecessary stuff, like this reusable Bingo card. I love the sliders on each of the numbers (if I was a 2 year old, I think it could entertain me for hours). I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this Bingo card, but it was cheap enough that I thought I could figure out its future later.

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