Tuesday, November 15, 2011

DIY: Paper Fan Flower

When I was a kid, I would use an accordion fold on a piece of paper to create a “fan” (as if that could help to cool me down against a hot summer day). But I thought I could use this simple fold to create a “flower” that could be used as packaging decoration.

  • Colored paper (I used origami paper, but any paper that’s not too thick should work fine)
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Glue


— 1 —
Fold and cut your paper in half with scissors. Repeat with second sheet of paper.

— 2 —
Accordion fold the paper, keeping each fold a consistent distance from one another (mine is at about ¼ inch.) Repeat with the other three half sheets.

— 3 —
Fold each accordion folded paper in half.

— 4 —
Cut a length of string (this should be long enough to tie around your package).

— 5 —
Align all four folded paper pieces in a row (creating an “X” shape). If you’re using different colors, order them in the way you want them to be in.

— 6 —
Center string and wrap it tautly around all four folded pieces twice and double knot at the back.

— 7 —
Glue the ends of each folded paper piece to each other. (I suggested gluing the ends at the top half section and then the bottom half section first, pressing each ends together and letting them dry. Then finish by gluing the ends that connect the top half to the bottom half—since that has the greatest distance to bridge and may take a little bit more pressing to secure.)

— 8 —
Wrap string around package and tie to secure and cut any excess string. Paper Fan Flower decoration complete.

Note: You may want to practice on an extra sheet a paper to help gauge the size you want your Paper Fan Flower to be. The longer the sheet, the more surface area it uses, so you may only have to use two folded paper pieces to create one Paper Fan Flower.

However, using shorter sheets means you need to use more folded pieces to create a Folded Paper Flower. This may be preferable if you want to use multiple colors.

Also, consider how far apart your folds are from one another (shorter distances=more folds=more delicate Paper Fan Flower).

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