Thursday, November 3, 2011

You’re Cute, but I have Cheap Fabrics Waiting at Home for Me

Recently I went to a cute little fabric shop and looked lustfully at the different fabrics there; most of the fabrics were very modern in design and color, which I liked a lot, but the prices were more than I wanted to spend (most being about $10/yard or more). I was good and I restrained myself from getting anything (other than one fat quarter). If I was talented and could expertly utilize my sewing machine, then I would be less apprehensive about buying nicer more expensive fabrics. However I am not, thus I just have to say “no” until I’m confident that I sew well and not waste any fabric.

Besides, I had lots of cheap fabric at home waiting to be used, so I decided to use some for a dress. I had tried this dress pattern months ago and it hadn’t turned out so well. I’d measured myself but erred on the side of caution and went with a larger size, which turned out to be too large. This time around I went with a smaller size, which fit me a lot better. The second time around doing a pattern is always much easier and I sewed this dress with more ease than I had previously. 

It’s a simple pullover dress. I would’ve added a flounce to the top part of the dress, but my flounce wasn’t looking good so I left it out. My favorite part of the dress is the pockets at the seams, just because I happen to love pockets. The tie belt is a nice option because it helps to cinch the waist and cover the gathering fabric the elastic waistband creates; or I can use a regular belt instead to give the dress a different look. I’m pretty satisfied with my little blue dress using my cheap $2/yard fabric (and look forward to a day when I can finally use a $10/yard fabric).

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