Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Knock on Wood Notebook

I’d been eying this “wood” paper at the paper store for some time now. I’d pick it up, lustfully look at it and then reluctantly put it down because although I wanted it, I didn’t have a plan for it. The problem with the paper is that it’s not terribly versatile; it’s dark, heavy and textured—not good for printing. But it was pretty. And I like pretty things. So I finally decided on using this specialized paper in a project that would utilize its “wood” properties, and what came to mind was the idiom “Knock on Wood.” [I know. (Sigh.) I’m slightly addicted to using idioms in my designs.]

As part of my “Make Something Present” for this year, I decided to create a “Knock on Wood” notebook using my binding machine. I wanted the notebook to be simple, where the “wood” paper would be a focal point. Because of the attributes of the paper, I decided stamping would be the best way to apply my design to it.

So first I carved my stamp. I decided to reverse out the type, in part because I thought it would be easier to read and in part because I thought it would help showcase the texture of the “wood” paper. I wanted the type to be fairly simple, and decided upon thin angular letters. My stamp isn’t carved perfectly, but I think that’s appropriate since if you were to carve your initials into a tree, it wouldn’t be perfect either (at least that’s my rationalization).

I’m fairly satisfied with the finished notebook. I like the combination of chocolate brown and gold (and I finally got over my laziness and bought some brass coils from the store to match the notebook). And I enjoy using the idiom “Knock on Wood” on paper that gives the illusion of wood but isn’t wood yet originally comes from wood. [Pause.] Yes, I amuse myself.

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