Thursday, December 15, 2011

Only Bitchy in My Brain

It’s so easy to have mean little thoughts. It doesn’t matter where you are or who you’re with, sometimes petty, snide and malicious thoughts just seem to creep into your mind. Having thoughts like, “His laugh sounds like a dying elephant” or “Her outfit makes her look like a banana on steroids” is inevitable because it stems from your personal feelings and opinions of what is and is not appropriate (and some of us are more particular than others).

However, having thoughts and speaking them are two different things. Nice people are those that think before speaking. They give themselves a mental moment to consider their words so they can refrain from saying anything terribly rude (whether intentional or not). Because if you say every thought that pops into your head it’s probably not going to go over well with others (and you may very well end up friendless).

What brought this all to mind was when my friend was recounting a conversation she had with someone where her thought was, “Well, obviously you’ve never had plastic surgery.” She of course didn’t say this to the person, but merely thought it (because she’s a nice person and realized that it was the wrong thing to say).

So I told her, “I see. You’re only bitchy in your brain.” She found that amusing, so I decided to have “Only Bitchy in My Brain” on the first page of her Knock on Wood notebook. “Only Bitchy in My Brain” doesn’t really match the aesthetic of the Knock on Wood notebook (as it was just a quick little design where I channeled the 1980’s), but its purpose was just to make her smile and nothing more.

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