Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sometimes Ignorance is Bliss

With only a few notes into a song, sometimes I automatically know if this is a song I want to listen to (and subsequently stop on whatever radio station it happens to be playing on). I unconsciously bob my head and tap my foot whenever I hear the song and it can make any day seem a bit better.

However every so often with a song I like (after listening to it numerous times), I finally hear the words being sung and disappointment fills me. I can’t help but think, “Really? Couldn’t you have put a little bit of effort into the lyrics? You had the entire English language at your disposal and you chose those words to sing about that?” [Sigh.] I may try to overlook the utterly lame lyrics in order to enjoy the song (even though it’ll never be the same), but sometimes it’s just a lost cause and I can’t help but be annoyed with the song from there on out. Uninspired and stupid lyrics are an oversight that’s not easily forgiven.

When this dismay sets in, I feel almost betrayed with the song that had had me at the beat and lost me at the lyrics. It makes me wish that I didn’t understand English so I could continue to enjoy the songs I once liked. But I do understand English, so ignorance is not an option. [Pause.] However, I can listen to foreign music where I will be ignorant of the lyrics. Then I can just enjoy the beat of the song and the singer’s tone of voice without being bogged down with lyrics that make me cringe. Sadly, sometimes ignorance really is bliss.

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