Thursday, January 26, 2012

Watch Choker

Once I’d disassembled the watches from my Jar of Junk, my eye was automatically drawn to one of the glass external pieces that protect the watch face (it was only one that was in decent condition). I really liked the simple shape of the piece and thought I could use it to create a piece of jewelry; I decided to make a choker.

My first thought was to sew ribbon to the sides where the original straps of the watch would have been. With my sewing machine, I sewed my appropriate length ribbon in place on either side of the watch piece. Then I attached ribbon clamps at each of the ribbon ends (it was my first time using ribbon clamps and it went off without a hitch); finally I connected my clasp to the ribbon clamps.

Now that the basic choker was created, I wanted to add something to create some visual interest. There was a hole in the watch piece (where the turn pin had been for altering the hands on the watch) and I thought I could use that hole to my advantage. I decided to hang different lengths of chain to it, using jump rings to keep everything together.

Overall I’m satisfied with the simplicity of the choker and I like my reuse of the watch piece. Now I’ll have to think of ways to use the rest of my watch parts…

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