Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gear Up Earrings

When I took apart my watches from my Jar of Junk and realized how tiny all the parts were, I decided to buy some larger gears to use for making jewelry. I still may be able to use the tiny gears from my watches in some way, but for my purposes I wanted gears large enough that you could actually tell that they were gears. With my purchased bag of gears and other watch parts, I decided to make earrings using some of the larger gears.

On the first pair of earrings, I just used jump rings to connect the different gears together. It’s simple, going from the largest-sized gear to the smallest, and I added a watch hand at the bottom to add some length and a straight edge to contrast the roundness of the gears.

On the second pair of earrings, I used different lengths of chains (from a never worn, store-bought pair of earrings that I wanted to reuse) to dangle the gear pieces.

While the earring designs aren’t very elaborate, it did take some time to decide how I wanted them to look (as well was sift through all the watch parts and select the ones I wanted to use). I really like the shapes of gear pieces themselves, and I’m satisfied by how they could be incorporated into my earrings.

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