Thursday, March 8, 2012

DIY: Plastic Canvas Candle Wrapper

Candles create a soft and warm ambiance on their own, but I thought I could make a wrapper that could play with the light. Made with plastic canvas, this candle wrapper is quick and easy to make and the holes create a pretty effect on the light.

  • Plastic Canvas
  • Scissors
  • Jump Rings (I used 6mm size)
  • Pliers
  • Candle

— 1 —
With scissors, cut out four rectangles that will comfortably fit around your candle. (Mine is 5 inches wide and 5¼ inches high.)

— 2 —
With scissors, smooth out any rough edges on the plastic canvas rectangles.

— 3 —
Place two plastic canvas rectangles on top of each other and align together. With pliers, open a jump ring and thread the jump ring through a hole at the top of the two plastic canvas rectangles and close the jump ring; thread another jump ring through the middle and bottom of the rectangles and close the jump ring. Now two rectangle panels are connected together.

— 4 —
Repeat Step 3 three more times—this should create a cube shape. Light a candle and place the plastic canvas cube around the candle. Plastic Canvas Candle Wrapper complete.

One of the nice things about this candle wrapper is that it’s easy to change the circumference of the wrapper by adding or taking away a rectangle panel in order to fit around candles of different sizes. A smaller candle may only use three plastic canvas panels, while a larger one might use six.

Just a reminder, be cautious when using a Plastic Canvas Candle Wrapper around a candle’s flame. Avoid using a wrapper that is too close to the flame, or if using a tealight candle, use a clear glass candleholder so that the wrapper won’t touch the flame if knocked over. Basically, remain aware and use common sense when dealing with an open flame.

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