Thursday, March 1, 2012

DIY: Plastic Canvas Sign

One of the nice things about plastic canvas is that it’s durable, waterproof and inexpensive. I thought I could cut out letters from a plastic canvas sheet to create a sign; it’s not terribly difficult to make and the letters can be small or as large as the plastic canvas sheet itself.

  • Plastic Canvas
  • Scissors
  • Jump Rings
  • Pliers


— 1 —
Cut out rectangles from the plastic canvas sheet for each of the letters of your word. (My letters aren’t that large and all uniform in width and height. I decided that each letter’s stroke would be three holes wide, so the width of my letter is nine holes, and the height is fifteen holes.)

Note: remember that you need to cut on the row of holes outside of the holes used for the height and width of the letter.

— 2 —
Cut out each letter from each of the plastic canvas rectangles. (I just counted the holes and cut my letter out. But if you prefer, you could use a permanent marker to mark where you wanted to cut before actually cutting.)

— 3 —
With scissors, smooth out the ragged edges of the letters.

— 4 —
Connect the plastic canvas letters together using the jump rings and pliers. (I mostly used 6mm sized jump rings, but the size of your jump ring will likely depend on the size of your letters so everything is in proportion.) Hang sign on wall. Plastic Canvas Sign complete.

The word I chose for my sign was “hello” which is short and sweet. But if you're using a phrase (e.g. happy birthday, happy holidays, etc.) then consider using different colored plastic canvas for each word (then you don’t have to worry about creating a spacer between words).

I chose to make a vertical sign because it was easier to create equal spacing between each of the letters. If you prefer to make a horizontal sign, consider using string to connect the letters since it’s more forgiving and easier to change the length than jump rings.

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