Thursday, March 22, 2012

So You Think it’s Spring

One day after months of dreary winter weather, you suddenly notice long-awaited signs of spring. You see trees with blooming pops of color and daffodils springing from the ground and it makes you smile because it’s the promise of oncoming spring. And you’re ready for it. You’re sick of the grayness and gloom that winter brings. And while spring in Oregon still means clouds and rain, it also means longer days, warmer weather and perhaps even some sunny days.

A couple of weeks ago I had this moment when I looked up and saw a lovely cloud of pink cherry blossoms, and I thought “Yes, spring is on the way.” My assumption was further confirmed when soon after we had sunny and warm weather for a whole two days. But little did I know that Mother Nature was playing a nasty trick on us Oregonians—teasing us with the illusion of spring only to snatch it from our hopeful hands.

Tuesday was officially the first day of spring, and yet it hasn’t been very spring-like here. It’s been cold and wet and rainy (which I tend to expect), but it’s been colder than I would like, cold enough that there’s been snow. Yes, the dreaded snow. [Sigh.] I don’t know what happened. I was all ready for spring, and then unwelcome snow assaulted me on the way home yesterday and I woke today to find snow covering the ground. I really hope that this is the last cold snap of the season because I’m ready to move on from winter—and I hope Mother Nature is ready as well (for real this time).

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