Thursday, March 29, 2012

Song Binge

How many times can you listen to a song you love? The answer is many, many times. Likely hundreds. It’s not hard to do because a good song is addicting. For a brief time, a song you love will take over your ears and that’s all you seem to want to listen to, and then slowly you become less attached to it until one day you no longer listen to it. Maybe months or years later, you rediscover the song you loved and you listen to it for a while, until once again your interest in it dwindles away into oblivion, replaced by newer shiner songs.

Most songs tend to be transitory in nature; they’re like trends, whose stays are brief and bright and then quickly forgotten. This is especially true for mainstream songs that tend to be unavoidable; they cover the radio airwaves, appear in the stores you shop in and show up on the television. I find that if I like a mainstream song that I often don’t have to buy it, because by the end of its popularity reign (that has surrounded me for months), I’ll be too tired of it to feel the need to listen to it any longer.

The songs I usually purchase are the songs that aren’t played everyday on all the radio stations—or perhaps not even played on the radio at all. I’m forced to get that reclusive song so I can listen to it, and then I’ll inevitably overplay it myself until I’m sick of it. And I will get sick of it. I can’t help but overdose on the song I love until I find my next song fix.

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